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The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, provides for the constitution of  National  Human  Rights  Commission,  at  national  level  and  State  Human Rights Commissions  at  the State level for better protection of human rights and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
The  Goa  Human  Rights  Commission  was  constituted  on  04/03/2011 to exercise the powers conferred upon and to perform functions assigned to the State  Commissions under  Chapter V of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. It is a statutory autonomous body which is intended to help and ensure  that  the  public  functionaries  do  not  violate  human  rights  of  the aggrieved parties.
By  Notification  No. 1/27/1999-HD(G),  Government  of  Goa,  appointed Justice  Prafulla  Kumar  Misra,  former  Chief  Justice  of  Patna  High  Court  as Chairperson of the Commission and Shri A.D. Salkar, former District Judge of  the  State  of  Goa  and  Shri  J.A.  Keny,  former  Member  of  the  Goa  Public Service Commission, were appointed as Members of the Commission.
The  Police  Investigation  team  headed  by  Police  Officer  of  the  rank  of Deputy Superintendent of Police is made available to the State Commission for efficient functioning of the State Commission.

In absence of State Human Rights Commission in the State of Goa, the persons  whose  human  rights  were  allegedly  violated  by  the  public functionaries were constrained to approach before the normal Courts of Law which  involves  long  and  cumbersome  procedure  apart  from  being  a  costly affair. The establishment of State Human Rights Commission has fulfilled the aspirations of the people of Goa who, now, have an easy access to justice to ventilate their grievances against public servants in the matter of violation of human rights.
The  Government  of  Goa  has  allotted  adequate  office  premises  to  the Commission  and  has  also  provided  adequate  infrastructure  for  smooth functioning of the Commission.